My Faith

Too often people are more interested in my or a church’s statement of faith and not their actual character. But for those that still want to know, here are my basics. And it won’t be a normal doctrinal statement.

First and foremost, I find it arrogant and ignorant to assume that my beliefs are inherent. I doubt anyone aside from Christ had a perfect belief system. For me, nearly anything is on the table for me. I have strong convictions and there are a few things that are non-negotiable. The two most important things for me is that there is a loving God that sent His incarnate Son to earth to save humankind and that His primary doctrine is to love.

There is plenty to discuss and content to build beliefs from. But too often forget that God didn’t send a systematic theology book but a narrative. There are teachings and lessons to be gleaned. But it isn’t a school book. It is a narrative, just as is my life and as is yours. Brene Brown teaches in Rising Strong that we all think through stories and not just logic. And God has been trying to teach us a different story to live by.

Some of the basic things I don’t hold on to strongly:

  • Eschatology.
  • Creation.
  • Spiritual Gifts.
  • Hell and the nature thereof.
  • Inherency.
  • Calvinism and Arminianism.

But, depending on your background, there might be some things that ruffle your feathers even more. There is a difference between being right and being a jerk. The greatest heresy is to be unloving. I don’t give a crap if you are not pro-choice, not pro-LGBTQI+, not a democrat, pro-guns, etc. Too many of us latch on some of these labels and then villianize those that don’t fall into our camp. We forget that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Christ came to tear down the dividing walls. He came to bring all things back into unity and not division. If we undo the work of Christ, we are, by definition, an anti-christ.

As you read, if you read, you will gather where I land on somethings. Other things I will intentionally be vague because I think there is something more important. There will times I change my mind. Other times I am convinced. In a nutshell, as I already mentioned, I believe in a God, His Son and His redemptive work, and that the primary ethic is to love our fellow humans.

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